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I want to register for car driving course? Please suggest.

Registration can be done in a simple process.

  • Step 1: Please click "Register" on the home page and follow the process.
  • Step 2: A pre-registration number will be generated.
  • Step 3: SMS will be sent by SDS confirming the registration day.
  • Step 4: As per the SMS received by SDS, visit the training center to complete the registration process and make the payment.

What if I have other country's license, how can this help me?

Customers who have driving license from other country can directly go to KSA traffic department and get their license exchanged to KSA driving license.

Where are lectures held?

Lectures are currently held at the SDS premises inside PNU.

How many days are required to start the lectures and practical training?

The commencement of the lecture and training period is subject to waiting period.

Is there any option for people who require getting the driving license on fast or urgent basis?

For fast-track driving course, you may opt for SDS' VIP Driving Course.

Can I choose my instructor?

Yes, but depending on the availability of the instructor, she will be assigned to you.

If I can't attend the training class, how can I cancel it?

You will have to inform the school a day in advance, should you wish to cancel your class.