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World's biggest training yard:

SDS has the largest-sized training yard in the world and a number of well-qualified female instructors. The training yard has many features to train student on different manoeuvre like:
  1. Moving forward and backward (slowly)
  2. Dual garage for entry and exit
  3. Changing the path
  4. Use of Service Lane
  5. Diversion on two-way road
  6. Dealing with Uncontrolled intersection
  7. Slope Control
  8. Use of "T" intersection
  9. Dealing with controlled intersection
  10. Dealing with Staggered Intersection
  11. Dealing with Traffic Islands
  12. Crossing a two-way road
  13. Turning in a two-way street
  14. Parallel Parking in closed bay
  15. Parallel Parking in open bay
  16. Angle Parking
  17. Garage Parking

Driving simulator:

SDS' Simulator Training facility makes the student familiar with driving before actually going on roads.

Lecture halls:

Convenient lecture halls are located at the training center to conduct informative and interactive lectures.

Road Safety lecture:

SDS has a dedicated road safety lecture room. Demonstrations are conducted using exhibits such as Roll over car, seat belt convincer, Tire tread, Head restraint and Child seat stand.

Play area for children:

SDS has a cheerful soft play area for kids that is equipped with toys, slides to put kids at ease. Students may leave their children at the play area while taking the driver's training.

Training material:

A comprehensive training material is given to the student when they register.


SDS has a cafeteria for students within the premises of the training center.